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  Bennetts Calabash - best buffet in Myrtle beachWelcome to the Grand Stand at the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Captain Bennett offers a seafood buffet for you that would make most seafood buffets pale in comparison with the sumptuous Calabash style. Seafood is served lightly battered and deep fried to suit your palate. We are recognized all over the world for serving the best seafood buffet in Myrtle Beach and what makes us special is the authentic fried seafood that is dished out by us.

  You will find the best Myrtle Beach seafood buffet when you come to us while on vacation with your entire family. Apart from savoring the finest seafood you will come across anywhere, your family can take part in many exciting beach activities here. We have not one but three locations that serve the best seafood Myrtle Beach buffet.
This place has become famous for the myrtle trees in the region on the coast of South Carolina, about hundred miles North of Charleston. This beach has become a hot destination all the year round. If you are a crab aficionado, you will get some of the best crab legs Myrtle Beach at any of our restaurants. 

All-you-can-eat crab legs and more...

Bennetts Calabash North Myrtle BeachSo, while you are here, enjoy the best seafood buffet Myrtle Beach area. You and your family are certain to find your favorite seafood catch among our eighty-item spread of seafood specialties in the best Calabash seafood buffet at Myrtle Beach. You will find our outlets exude a friendly atmosphere at all locations. Our service matches the food that is laid out for you. One of our top priorities is to give a relaxed dining experience to your whole family. We want them to leave our place after experiencing the best seafood buffet they can get at Myrtle Beach.
If your family loves seafood, then the best Myrtle Beach seafood buffet offers them a splendid variety of cooked and steamed shellfish. They will find peel-and-eat shrimps, raw oysters, clams, mussels, crawfish and the much-in-demand crab legs. We are known for serving the best crab legs at Myrtle Beach. Additionally, you will also find broiled or fried fish, jumbo shrimps, coconut shrimps, sea scallops and calamari. 

Visitors to the Myrtle Beach and the Grand Stand are certain to find something that they dig on our huge seafood buffet spread. After all, we serve the best seafood buffet in the Myrtle Beach area. Our outlets are popular among the community here for serving them top quality seafood. They enjoy the food along with the beautiful scenic view that gives them a special tropical type of ambiance. 

Large groups of Seafood Lovers

  We have also set a new service example in handling group tours with our meet-and-greet policy. We take extra care in arranging the group seating as well as making separate buffet provisions for large groups. We are regarded as one of the friendliest restaurants on the Strand. We provide highly competitive group rates and manage groups of all sizes. You are most welcome to this haven of culinary delights that offers you a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. Savor the best seafood buffet Myrtle Beach with our Calabash style of preparation. You will find no better place than ours for that big all-you-can-eat bonanza. Visitors have been returning to us only to taste the best Myrtle Beach seafood buffet.

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