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  If you are looking for a truly amazing crab legs meal, come to us and grab All You Can Eat Crab Legs at Bennett's Calabash, Myrtle Beach.


 Crab aficionados will be aware when they taste the giant Alaskan snow crab legs for their unique succulent and sweet flavor. They are savored for their large size and the snowy white meat. They are highly recommended as they are low in fat and calories while being high in protein content. Crab meat can give your body several nutrients like Vitamin B12 that can provide energy, help the nerve cells in functioning better and regulate then hemoglobin development. Crab legs are an excellent choice for a healthy diet. You can have a feast of a lifetime at any of our three locations for best crab legs in Myrtle Beach and enjoy the sweet meat taste and its texture.



An Unforgettable Feast of Crab Legs

  Not for nothing are we considered the best place for crab legs. There are few foods that come to mind for `celebration’ like crabs. Not only do the crabs taste delicious but they are a good addition to maintaining a healthy diet. Eating crab legs is good for a healthy diet as they are high in vital minerals and vitamins. They are under a hundred calories per every four-ounce serving with about twenty grams of proteins. So, indulge yourself and go for all you can eat crab legs Myrtle Beach at our place.

   When you feel you are through with all-you-can-eat-crab-legs, you may also consider our Prime Rib Steaks and delicious desserts. Apart from feasting on unlimited crab legs, you can try out our Calabash fried shrimps that would make your mouth water. People with different tastes as far as seafood goes can enjoy the vast range of spread that we offer on the seafood menu. There are steamed or fried oysters, tilapias, clams, grilled tuna, baked white Alaskan fish, fried scallops and flounder, baked Jack Daniels salmon, Mussels in Marinara and not to forget our delicious crab cakes along with stuffed crabs.



   The crab cakes that we serve have always been crowd pullers and one of our signature dishes. Many crab leg lovers have always given our Alaskan snow succulent crab meat a big thumbs up. If you are headed to Myrtle Beach and looking for good seafood, you do not have to look further than any of our three locations. We are always ready to serve our delicious all you can eat Crab Legs on entire Grand Strand for those, who have a penchant for crab delicacies.

What makes us special at Myrtle Beach area is the tempting variety of seafood that we have to offer. Whether you are native to this region or a visitor on vacation, you are bound to savor and enjoy our seafood dishes. Our chefs have the necessary skills to turn an ordinary dish into mouth watering specialty and there is no better way to experience than with all you can eat crab at any of our locations in Myrtle Beach.


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