Group Sales

Group Sales

  A new service example in handling groups has been set by us with our meet-and-greet policy. Extra care is taken in arranging the group seating as well as making separate buffet provisions for large groups. We are regarded as one of the friendliest restaurants on the Strand at Myrtle Beach. You will find our group rates highly competitive. Groups of all sizes are managed with excellent hospitality, service and above all, the best seafood buffet in Myrtle Beach. Group-Sales


Great rates for your group

  It could be a meeting or a celebration. We will provide our best to cater to the requirements of your guests with our hospitality and out-of-this-world seafood. Your private functions are considered important by us and we would love to work out all the necessary finer details to make the occasion special for you and your esteemed guests.


  We have sufficient experience in handling holiday parties, receptions, corporate lunches, wedding rehearsal dinners, business meetings, baby showers, anniversaries or birthday parties. Be it a large business function or a private family celebration, we have the skills and the expertise to make the occasion a grand one for you.

  So, bring your guests along for a memorable experience with our Party Platters and All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Buffet. Any of our three locations are ideally placed for your special occasion or gathering.

  Please call us and arrange the group dining request:

843-449-7865 Darren Ratley

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