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  If you want to experience the finest in Myrtle Beach dining and taste something other than seafood, then try our various dining options.


Steaks & Meat


  You can try our Prime Rib and T-Bone steaks, barbecued pork ribs and barbecued pulled pork, smoked sausages and pot roast. You will find our Prime Rib Steaks one of the best cuts that you have ever tasted. Their perfect marbled meat will make your mouth water and each delicious bite will get your taste buds to tingle and make this Myrtle Beach dining an unforgettable experience.



Country Food


  Country food connoisseurs could go for our mini corndogs, corn on the cob, low country boil, Southern fried rice, fresh country sausages, collard greens, stuffed mushrooms and topped yams with marshmallows. Delicious yams can be an ideal Myrtle Beach dining treat for holidays when sweetened with brown sugar, butter and topped with marshmallows.


Soup & Salad Bar


  For people who are conscious of what they eat during their Myrtle Beach vocation sessions, our soup and salad bar will offer everything for their palate, ranging from crispy greens to shrimp salad and from pasta salad to garden vegetables and a variety of soups. You will find our Ambrosia Salad a refreshing holiday dessert for your entire family. The sweet assortment of bananas, oranges and pineapples would make your Myrtle Beach dining experience a stunning one.


Raw Bar


  We are also well known in Myrtle Beach dining circles for our raw bar that offers raw oysters, peel and eat shrimps, steamed Cajun crawfish, mussels and Jonah crab claws. Our steamed crawfish is one of the most popular dishes, served with a spicy tomato roux for a fine Myrtle Beach dining specialty. Our chefs will serve the Jonah crab claws with a texture that is flaky and which will give you a sweet aftertaste to make your Myrtle Beach dining experience a unique one.





  To top off the delicious buffet spread and complete your Myrtle Beach dining experience, you can try our delicious desserts like homemade cheesecake, chocolate cake, banana pudding, peach cobbler, blueberry muffins, pecan pie and carrot cake. You will keep wondering how our Pecan pie layers hold together but we will create that magic for you with the cream filled pecans which are crunchy and a pie crust which is flaky. It is a pecan pie that you will not come across in the Myrtle Beach dining community.



Remember, our slogan for you during your Myrtle Beach dining expeditions is “Don’t eat till you’re full; Eat till you’re tired.”



One of our biggest testimonials among the Myrtle Beach dining reviews has come from Dave of Raleigh, North Carolina who wrote that he found seafood to his liking at our place and called it a great Myrtle Beach dining outlet. He was very impressed with the courteous service at our restaurant and he remembers that the waiting staff had probably checked with him on how he was doing at least a dozen times. He found the spread on the buffet hot and fresh and he loved our crab cakes which he wanted to recommend to his family and friends as a grand Myrtle Beach dining treat.


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