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  Myrtle Beach is one of the most sought after vacation destinations in South Carolina. Visitors will be able to experience a sixty mile stretch of stunning beaches. The Grand Stand attracts millions of tourists year after year. In addition to the dreamy and sandy beaches, there is a vast range of other recreational activities and shopping possibilities at this resort community. You can keep this in mind when planning an affordable Myrtle Beach vacation.


Bennetts Calabash


 Myrtle Beach is a seafood paradise

  There is much fun and excitement waiting for you at Myrtle Beach. You could be part of a big group or you may be planning to spend your honeymoon here. You will never be disappointed. There are several attractions for you to while your time away when you plan an affordable Myrtle Beach vacation. These attractions range from the Sky Wheel to the golf courses and seaside amusement parks to restaurants like ours, Bennetts Calabash and the famous All-You-Can-Eat Crab Legs Seafood buffet with Calabash style seafood preparation that is the pride of the Grand Stand. We have three locations on the Myrtle Beach to offer you the best seafood buffet that you can get in this place.


  The range of attractions and exciting activities at Myrtle Beach will make sure that there is something here for everyone. You will come across one of the best public gardens in the country. The beaches are gorgeous with their white sands and sparkling crystalline waters. You can start packing and plan an affordable Myrtle Beach vacation.


Sky Wheel


Myrtle Beach attractions

   You can relax or sunbathe at the beach or enjoy such activities like sailing, canoeing, jet skiing, scuba diving or surfing. People who love fishing will find many saltwater opportunities along eight piers and inland creeks. For people who want to unwind while playing golf during their vacation, there are one hundred and twenty golf courses at Myrtle Beach.

The Family Kingdom Seaside Amusement park is an ideal place for your family. It offers more than thirty exciting rides. The popular rides are the Twist & Shout and the Swamp Fox. These rides and several other attractions generate much interest among the visiting families. The biggest motivation to visit this park is for the simple reason that it is only one of the few amusement theme parks in the nation that does not take any fee for admission.


  The reason why we emphasize that this may be an affordable Myrtle Beach vacation is because affordable options are aplenty ranging from hotel rooms to the dining choices for your entire family. Many vacation destinations differentiate between what a middle class family would enjoy and what an elite society guest would want. The best thing about Myrtle Beach is that it offers everything to suit all budgets. If you work your budget out, you will find that it is quite easy to plan an affordable Myrtle Beach vacation. The internet could be put to good use when planning your Myrtle Beach vacation so that you can pick up some early incentives and valuable rewards that include our seafood buffet coupons. Many hotels offer online discounts should you reserve in advance on the internet. Take advantage of our Seafood Buffet Value Coupons and eat to your heart’s content.

Myrtle Beach Vacation

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