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Bennetts Calabash

  You will find the best Myrtle Beach seafood buffet when you come to us while on vacation with your entire family. Apart from serving the finest seafood you will come across anywhere, your family can take part in many exciting beach activities here.

 We have not one but three locations that serve the best seafood in the area.

 For more information about Bennetts Calabash Seafood Buffet or to make reservations, please call us:

  - Bennetts Calabash #1 - North Myrtle Beach location - (843) 361-9743

  - Bennetts Calabash #2 - Restaurant Row location - (843) 449-7865

  - Bennetts Calabash #3 - Broadway at the Beach location - Phone: (843) 448-2977

 Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday: 2:00PM - 10:00PM and Saturday-Sunday 12:30PM - 10:00PM.

We highly value our customers opinion and suggestions. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.
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